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We understand your company's needs, and we harness IT to make it work better for you.

Our story

We are a web development house, and a pretty darn good one.

Information Technology is the backbone of the corporate world. If you look around, today's business activities revolve around communications, tracking of assets / infrastructure, managing contents, ensuring productivity is optimised and basically using IT to make it work for everyone within the company.

That's what we do, and we do it pretty well. Let us understand your company's needs, and see how best we can harness I.T. to make it work better for you.

Our Major Business Areas

Our main core of work, evolves around our Singapore government. We provide consultation, development and maintenance contract to a multitude of government agencies and statutory boards.

Developing for both iOS and Android, we believe in not just building apps that are entertaining, but they must also be highly functional. A smooth user experience is critical in ensuring that apps are used frequently. Afterall, no point developing a white elephant.

Raptech have been managing secured government hosting datacenter hosting for past decade. Our expertise includes Build, Operate and Transfer module for enterprise and government sector. Our secured 24/7 Facilities Management data center services include both East & West Data centre availabilities fail over services in Singapore.

Over the years, we have develop several applications and have productize them. RapAsset and Rapsody are 2 applications that we are now providing as a SaaS.

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